Monday, April 9, 2018

Practice Story

For our story we chose myself as the interviewee and agreed on a topic that would make a nice story and that would could also film in school. Kayla was our director/ camera / and audio. Shanayah was our editor / reporter / and voice over. We all worked together and the story didn't come out bad. The hardest part was being interviewed for me. Its really weird and nerve racking.

When we where shooting for our video the number 1 priority was to keep the camera out of any bad weather or far away from water or anything that can damage the camera.

Safety tips:
Do not use the camera in environments that could cause you harm
If you're going to shoot a photo of the sun, do not stare at the sun through the camera's viewfinder
Use care whenever handling the camera batteries, especially if you see any leakage on the rechargeable batteries


ALD 6.1: Anticipate potential health and wellness concerns while operating computing devices in order to enhance workplace safety.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Interveiw Composition

    good example


An interveiw shot is a lot diffrent thenyou think. If your shooting your videos with a flat angle, have the camera too close to the reporter your videos wil not come out good. If you want a perfect interveiw shot do the following. Have a reporter stand directly to the right or left of the camera. You must be able to see the interviewee eyes and hear him clearly. compose your shot using the rule of thirds. Have propper head and chin space for interviewee and look space. Tell your interviewee to move back and dont get a video with the background clear. We want to see depth in the shots.

ALD 5.1 Design a targeted digital media message or concept that addresses the needs of a client.
ALD 5.2 Plan and construct a digital media product from budgeted resources that addresses client needs.
ALD 5.3 Assess the collaborative process for its impact on the design, planning, and production of a digital media product.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Under The Blood Red Sun

Mr. and Mrs. Savage where a couple that worked on movies. Mr. Tim Savage was the director while Mrs. Mardi Savage was an associate producer. Tim directed the movie Under The Blood Red Sun. The movie was very interesting and I really enjoyed it. The movie made you think about how it was for Japenese people at the time. They where misunderstood, and accused of being a threat cause of the bombing at Pearl Harbor.

Ethan Kaiwi asked " did you feel like the movie was worth your time and effort "? Tim savage responded saying " Yes, it was worth the time and effort because hehad so much fun shooting the movie, hanging out with such young actors, and i enjoy directing movies. Its what i do thats my job. Shooting the movie with so many young actors was fun and we where like a big family".


ALD 3.1 - Evaluate the relationship between digital technology and criminal activity for its affect on the digital marketplace.

ALD 3.2 - Evaluate legal and ethical behavior related to the creation, use, and distribution of digital content that minimizes the risk of legal or moral consequence.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Public Service Announcement

Our PSA will show an impact on people because it will tell them how many deaths have happened. If your in dought dont go out. You many get hurt or worse. The ocean is a playground, but not for all. We chose this topic because it is an everyday thing on kauai, where tourist , and unknowledged local people dont know what pasition there in. And end up risking there lives or others.

We are competeing in an online contest to compete against other schools in the state of Hawaii. This is an opertunity to show case filming and editing skills, and get noticed as a scholar for the years ahead.  it is cool to compete against some other schools because we could see how they are doing and compare and see what we need to work on. 

At the end of the prodject my team and I finalized our prodject. We turned in our rough draft and got it back. Mr.Sanderl gave us some things to touch up on. We fixed a couple of things. It came out good but there was room for improvement. Our scored where pretty average. I was still stoked on how it came out, and how my team and i worked it out, comunication, and editing.

"When in dought dont go out."

ALD 2.1 Assess the evolution of digital media as it affects and is affected by society.
ALD 2.2 Assess changes in technology and markets as it affects digital media designs.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Our first project in Digital Media is creating a series of 3 cinemagraphs. A cinemagraph is a video taken on a stable surface, that has moving image in a still image. In order to create a successful cinemagraph you need a moving image that you can loop. ex( Bike wheel ) An ideal video for making a cinemagraph would be something with water because of its natural flow.

We all went outside as a class to find somehting we could all film for an example of a cinemagraph. Once we found our moving object we had to add something backgroung, me to make it seem like there should be other things in video to make it look more complex. 1 film with stable tripod or object. 2 capture your image in the video. 3 import video to computer , import to Final Cut Pro. 4 last but not least,  edit your video, cut out the moving object to make it not moving. Create a loop or transtion to trick your eyes into thinking it should be a video , but it isnt. My cinemagraph showed a photo of me running while the flags on the flag poll are moving from the wind.

The second cinemagraph was shot outside of class. I used the wind to show my photo is a cinemagraph. With this cinemagraph it  was easy to loop it because it was filmed on a stable surface. This is not a great example of a cinemagraph because it could look like a video cause of there being only the tree. If someone was stading behind the tree it woukd have been a better example of a cinemagraph.

For my sthird cinemagraph i'm thinking about using water because of its flow it has its easier to loop. A video of the water flowing through cold pond is a good idea and I think i'm going to use it. The problem is going to be cropping out the water from the rocks to show the waters motion. My third cinemagraph showed my hands in the sinkwith water flowing over it. This was a better example of a cinemagraph because my hand is a still frame and the water is still moving. For being my final cinemagraph it is good, but i wish i had a more interesting video to use. Cinemagraphs give more pop than a normal photo becuase you can make somthing moving in your photo and make it look alive.

For my critique I got a high of 3.1 and a low of 2.4 . It shows that my cinemagraph is not expert or  professional level. Im more of a novice. If I had still footage with good quality and more than one moving object still, in the background of a video my critique results would've been diffrent. This was a fun project and it was good to see everyone elses cinemagraphs and how they came out.

ALD 4.1: Evaluate diverse processes of forming and conveying a targeted message.
ALD 4.2: Compare and contrast how various audiences perceive digital media to anticipate desired reactions and responses.